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Millennials...¿The limitless generation?

Millennials Generation

A few days ago I had a very interesting generational talk with a friend that has a Criminal Law Firm and confessed me that he was very worried because of the retention problem in his office, since most of the team belong to the Millennial generation and for him


"Millennials are a NON COMPROMISE generation, in fact they don´t have ANY limits..."


This scenario was provoking that many people from different levels of his team were quitting for no APPARENT reason and was so frustrated because not even a salary increase was enough to retain them.

One of the main aspects that distinguishes the Millennials is that they are extremely "connected". They use social media as an alter ego and are also more likely to view technology in a positive light.

They are less religious, but much more "spiritual". Employers are especially interested in understanding the profile of a Millennial, several books and posts are dedicated to explore a generation that is largely seen as narcissistic. This self-confidence is likely a product of highly involved parents who vehemently encouraged the importance of self-esteem.

Millennials, although good team players, are particularly ambitious, seeking constant appraisal and fast promotions up the corporate ladder, but you can be sure that most of them will get several certifications and studies that will sustain these petitions.

¿What they look for in return?

Jobs where they can have good work-life balance and opportunities to grow are clear and achievable to preserve their desire for a fulfilling job, and avoid frequent job-hoppers, frustrating employers with low retention rates...and this last idea returns us to the beginning of the post.

The limits of the previous generations were based on material things and economic stability, two elements that are like a bottomless pit because any of them depend on your own, so thanks for frustration provoked, now Millennials are focused on things that are in their own control, like their health and savings.

Despite older generations, this one is the most prepared on mind, body and spirit inter-relations (transdiscplinary generation), according to this they make things really valuable to guarantee a good and healthy old age period, like taking care of what they eat, because they know that this has influence in thoughts and thoughts have effects on acts and life is made of acts, because through them we interact with our own and unique manifestation of reality.

By prioritizing health, leisure and travel over home and car purchases, today’s Millennials are far more focused on short-term goals perhaps due to their desire for instant gratification.

They are also less religious than older generations. Demographically, Millennials are larger and more ethnically diverse than previous generations and these type of information is telling us that they are more flexible and opened on race and religion differences, in fact many of them do not see these human characteristics as differentiators.

We don´t have to forget that Boomers are one of the most stark examples of generational changes with feminism, looser sexual mores and anti-war sentiment social movements, so looking forward in this time path, we can see that Millennials are not the limitless or irresponsible generation that in many jobs have already fame. They are the result, as all generations, of social evolution that is product of better education and different traumas that parents look forward to avoid in their children lives, so this is the reason they have many narcissistic behaviors. For many of them the secret for happiness is to help others and improve the World through their actions, so the cares, attentions and benefits are first of all for them, in order to be able to share what they already enjoy and not try to get out of nothing what is necessary for others.

"You can´t give what you don´t have."

So as you already have realized, Millennials have limits, but in line with themselves (being healthy the most important), nature and spiritual growing, so if you have a team that is made of Millennials, you have to be aware of making a disciplined but free environment, with clear instructions and delivery times, giving them the freedom of the HOW´s because here is the space where they find more interesting to create and obtain their 100% of their profesional abilities.

Having irresponsible, irreverent, rude, that do not respect authorities, is a lifelong problem that has to be solved in home, not a Millennial issue, so you have to be very clear of a generational misunderstanding and a profile problem. For both cases it is very important to have a Coaching or Leadership training to clearly differentiate each case.

Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts and opinions. Have a nice week.


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